The mission of The Campbell Center is to partner with adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities, empowering them to successfully gain independence and attain their desired outcomes through opportunity and choice.


Building on The Campbell Center’s strengths and successful history of providing quality services, we will continue to enhance the quality of life of persons served.

In response to the changing environment, we will design personalized, tailored and integrated programs to meet the needs of all clients.

A Matter of Values

Ethics exist among people not institutions. For an organization to act ethically and have consistency of service, it needs a Code of Ethics for its employees, volunteers and board members to follow.

Core Values

Caring: The welfare of our clients is our first consideration and is foremost in all our decision-making. Understanding, compassion, and unconditional acceptance are expressed through the actions of dedicated staff and volunteers.

Inclusion: We are committed to empowering our clients to fully participate in the life of the community on an equal basis with others.

Respect: We acknowledge the value and dignity of all individuals in the organization, and honor their rights and choices.

Integrity: We are honest and truthful in all our dealings.

Excellence: We are committed to offering the highest quality programs and services and to meeting or exceeding all standards for continued accreditation.

Unity: We are one in purpose and values.

Code of Ethics

  • Acknowledge the value, worth and dignity of all individuals in the organization
  • Respect the rights of clients
  • Treat clients as individuals and market their abilities, never disabilities
  • Conduct marketing efforts with integrity and accountability to the public by accurately representing the organization’s mission and services
  • Enhance the trust of the community and encourage continued support of The Campbell Center through marketing and public relations activities that emphasize the organization’s commitment to quality and honesty
  • Implement high quality goods and services for all customers
  • Conduct all financial matters within the standards of commonly accepted sound accounting practices
  • Emphasize a democratic people orientation
  • Consistently solicit feedback from the community and all customers regarding services
  • Engage in debate while maintaining courtesy and civility
  • Creativity and acceptance of new ideas
  • Respect the privacy and confidentiality of all clients, staff, volunteers and board members
  • Advocate values that promote the progress and fulfillment of persons with disabilities
  • In compliance with governing requirements, the Board of Directors and Staff adhere to the principles as defined in their orientation of Privacy and Conflict of Interest Policies
  • In addition to this listed Code of Ethics all employees, volunteers and board members will be governed by the bylaws, policies and manuals of the organization.