In May, Assembly Bill (AB) 279 Passed through California State Assembly
But it has NOT gone to a vote yet….

Next: The Senate

This is the time to get involved and be advocates for those within the intellectual and developmental disabilities community.  In other words, the men and women we serve through our various programs.  We are asking you to contact State Senator Ricardo Lara, Chair of the Senate Appropriations Committee, and State Senator Kevin de Leon, President Pro Tempore of the California State Senate and member of the Senate Appropriations Committee, to ask them to vote through AB279 and present it to Governor Brown on September 1st.  Time is of the essence has never been more true than now!


Step 1: Download the sample letter that is the most appropriate for your situation.

    Letter to California Senate President Pro Tem, Senator de Leon

    Letter to California Senate Chair of Appropriations Committee, Senator Lara

Step 2: Fill in the letter with your information as noted.

Step 3: Send the letter.

To Senator Lara via:

  • Fax – (562) 256-9991 (Long Beach Office)
  • Email –
  • Phone – Share your story in person by calling (916) 651-4033 (Capitol Office)

To Senator de Leon via:

We will keep you posted!

Why Is AB 279 So Important?

As California service providers such as The Campbell Center forecast for the future, it is important for us to continue fighting for funding for our individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Currently, service providers are reimbursed by the regional centers at rates determined by the CA Legislature. Rates can be increased to meet state minimum wage requirements, but NOT for city or county minimum wage requirements.

With the minimum wage in the TCC service area going up to $12 an hour by January 1, 2019, in contrast to the current $10.50 an hour, existing reimbursement rates will create a significant shortfall.  Many of our peer service providers have already closed their doors and more will follow if there is no change, leaving thousands of people within the IDD community without much needed resources.

We are grateful to Assembly member Chris Holden, who has sponsored AB 279 to address this problem. The bill will allow the Department of Developmental Services (DDS) and regional centers to adjust reimbursement rates to comply with city and county minimum wage increases. The bill passed through the Human Services Committee vote this past march before it proceeded to the Appropriations Committee in April.