Pastimes is a community integration program that encourages participants to engage in mainstream educational activities in a community setting.  Participants can also volunteer or attend existing community activities that offer both physical and mental stimulation.  Community visits include recreational, educational, cultural and volunteer activities.

Pastimes also serves as a transitional program for those Clients who are leaving a full-day vocational program. Clients would gain from life enriching experiences, as well as their families who would benefit from daily part-time respite.

Pastimes offers adults and senior clients with developmental disabilities the opportunity to access local community-based activities. It also enables them to be independent, valued and integrated members of their own community.

Clients work on developing safety skills, peer relations and appropriate interactions. The Campbell Center’s dedicated staff helps the clients access community resources such as public transportation, public libraries, classes in the community, parks and recreation, among other services available to the general public.  There are opportunities to explore creative self-expression such as painting, dance, music, exercise and crafts.

For more information on Pastimes, contact Adrineh Vertanus at 818.242.2434 or by email at

For more information on Pastimes for seniors, contact Roxie Varela at 818.242.2434 or by email at