Residential Program

The Campbell Center operates three (3) licensed residential homes (or group homes) that provide 24-hour supervision and support in a family-like, small setting. These homes are located in Glendale. They are immaculately maintained and renowned for their passionate care-giving staff and cozy-home feel.

The Campbell Center’s Clients who live in each home learn the valuable skills needed to collaborate with each other. They share many of the duties essential to maintaining the home such as cleaning, laundry, and cooking. Professional training is provided in the areas of personal needs, communication, problem solving, independent living skills, and self-help. Clients make their own lunches for their work days.

The Campbell Center is committed to providing opportunities for clients to lead a more independent and productive life through comprehensive person-centered planning utilizing the clients’ identified circle of support. Our adult residential services provide these quality licensed services to individuals with developmental disabilities. We have three (3) level 2 (ambulatory) homes located in Glendale, California. Each home provides quality residential care and support, encouraging choice through self-determination, self-advocacy, independence and community integration.

A greater sense of achievement is learned through their daily interactions with their housemates and the mentoring provided by trained and licensed staff.

For more information on our Residential Program, contact Paula Peterson, Residential Administrator, at 818.502.9987 or by email at