Give Razmik a Place to Belong

If we’ve learned anything from COVID it’s how much we all need to connect face to face. Returning Associates and newly referred clients who are tired of being isolated are clamoring to come to The Campbell Center and get back into community life.

Take Razmik. He had spent many a sleepless night, starting the day groggy and frustrated thinking he’d never go back to seeing his friends again. Having stayed at home for so long to avoid COVID, he felt stuck. His family and doctors were worried that he was regressing and would soon reach a breaking point. As soon as he heard TCC was reopening, his twin brother Jack called us, “Razmik needs to come back to The Campbell Center.”

Your support will ensure we have the staff and transportation capability to support everyone who wants to find their way back.

Although we started offering virtual activities during the pandemic to stay connected, Razmik thrives when doing in-person, hands-on activities, where he can connect in real time with his peers and community. For Razmik, our Community Integration program offers more than just a place to interact with peers. It’s a community where he belongs.

“He came home smiling for the first time I can remember in years,” Razmik’s brother, Jack, said. “There’s nowhere else he can have this kind of connection, especially with other disabled Armenians. Being able to speak Armenian with Associates and staff makes The Campbell Center a unique and important space for him.”


TCC Associate, Razmik

Between volunteering to package groceries at Salvation Army, playing pickup games of basketball at the Y, and engaging with fellow Armenian-speaking Associates and staff, Razmik’s reentry to our program was the lifeline he needed to turn his health around.

Razmik’s demeanor changed immediately. He greeted every Associate and staff member like they were long-lost friends. To him, they were.

“I’m happy here,” said Razmik. “I want to keep coming to The Campbell Center.”

Man in van with door open
Razmik in our Ford Van

One critical component of our Community Integration program is access. That means keeping our vehicle fleet updated and safe for all Associates and staff who go out into the community. To reduce our fuel costs and build a sustainable fleet, we need your help to support our transportation costs. A more significant gift will allow to us invest in our first electric vehicle to replace our 20-year-old Ford van.

Can you contribute to help Razmik get to in-person activities that help him stay connected and healthy?

Please consider becoming a sustaining donor by contributing monthly to support our services year-round.

Here are some of the ways your gift can help us provide our Associates access to the community:

$2,500 will be added to our vehicle fund to invest in a new electric vehicle.

$1,000 will help cover the cost of installing an electric vehicle charging station at TCC.

$500 covers the cost of routine maintenance on our existing vehicles to safely transport our Associates to receive life-changing services in-person.

$250 provides a week’s worth of staffing to provide Community Integration outings for one Associate to make steps toward their full inclusion in society.

$100 will buy gas for one week of activities or outings.

$50 will cover the cost of charging one electric vehicle for a month, providing environmentally friendly and cost-effective access to the community for Associates like Razmik.

Visit to make a tax-deductible contribution today.

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