We are looking to fill the critical need for housing a growing population of people with IDD.

The Need for Housing in the IDD Population

Independent, affordable and dignified supported housing is limited for adults with IDD. We are actively seeking new opportunities to meet the growing need for housing solutions.

While roughly 80% of adults with I/DD live with family members, as parents age and are no longer able to provide the same level of support, adults with I/DD are at risk of homelessness. Over 1 million households have a caregiver who is over age 60.

Also, the economic barriers to housing are significant. In Los Angeles, 16 people are competing for every unit of affordable housing. In addition, 79% of people with IDD report wanting their own house or apartment. However 8 out of 10 people with IDD live on fixed incomes, mostly from SSI or SSP, which is not enough income to to afford an apartment in any housing market in the state of California, according to the Technical Assistance Collaborative’s Priced Out report. In addition, Studies have estimated that 12% to 39% of homeless adults have I/DD, compared to approximately 1% of adults in the general population.

While the need is great, studies have shown the impact of adequate housing support to be significant: people with IDD who live in dispersed housing have wider social support systems, live more active lifestyles, and experience better quality of life outcomes.

Residential Program

The Campbell Center’s three licensed residential homes are located in a prime Glendale neighborhood. We provide 24-hour supervision and support in a family-like, small-group setting. Our passionate, care-giving staff maintain a cozy home feel while reinforcing both independent living skills and cooperation. Residents learn to meet their own personal needs through problem-solving and effective communication, while sharing many of the duties essential to maintaining their home, such as cleaning, laundry, and cooking.

Continuum of Care

The Campbell Center is looking to expand its residential options to create more opportunities for person-centered care. Our goal is to create a broad range of affordable, accessible and appropriate options to house more adults with IDD and to invest in our facilities and capacity to provide a continuum of care throughout our Associates’ lives.

For example, we are actively seeking a fourth house in Glendale, CA. One of the best ways to support our mission and help us house our Associates is to include a gift of real estate in your estate planning.

There are other ways you can help, too. As we expand our residential services to meet the need of a growing population, we require adequate resources to purchase property, hire and train staff, and maintain our facilities. Help us meet this great need to house adults with IDD by making a gift today.

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