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Linda’s story is one of rebirth. Her situation had been worsening for some time. Her mother had passed, leaving her in the family home as sole caretaker for her brother Buzz, who is also intellectually challenged. Her aunt, who had been taking care of them both, was in the early stages of dementia. Linda and her brother were fending for themselves.

A staff member at The Campbell Center, who knew Linda from community dances, noticed she was losing weight. When he accompanied her home, he found her aunt was not very alert and her brother in poor condition.

He checked the kitchen. There was no food in the house.

The poverty rate of adults with disabilities is twice that of non-disabled. A full 40% experience hardship like inadequate housing or food insecurity.

Luckily, there was a vacancy at Alma House, one of The Campbell Center’s three group homes. Located in a lovely Glendale neighborhood, our residences provide Associates with the freedom to live as independently as they choose, while providing the stability of affordable housing and support from a caring, dedicated staff.

Arrangements were made and Linda moved right in to start her new life.

Linda and friends

Linda with friends in the Pastimes Program

That was five years ago. Today Linda is an active member of The Campbell Center community. She enjoys the sense of family at Alma House, but also the daily community activities and social opportunities that the Pastimes Program provides.  She loves music, she’s always the first on the dance floor at parties, and she’s one of many accomplished artists who participates in The Campbell Center’s Arts Academy.

Thanks to support from The Campbell Center, Linda is doing great!

But so many others are in need.

Adults with intellectual disabilities experience physical and mental health inequities, exercise less, have less nutritious diets and have more sedentary lifestyle behaviors compared to the general population.

Your gift will help us support our Associates in enjoying a more physically active lifestyle, increased social skills, better mental health and improved self-confidence.

State and federal funding just isn’t enough to provide the quality of life our Associate’s deserve. Help us to make a real difference. Your donation to The Campbell Center is an investment in a more equitable and inclusive community for everyone.

With much gratitude,



David Fields, Executive Director

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