The Campbell Center needs the support of generous corporations, organizations, and community members like yourself to enable us to continue providing our Clients with life-changing opportunities.

Donate to The Campbell Center

Why Give to The Campbell Center

Because your donations DO make a difference! It is only through the generosity of donors that we are able to provide our Clients with our invaluable programs and services such as our Vocational Training, Residential Services, Supported Employment Program, Pastimes for senior Clients, Multi-Cultural Program and Vocational Integration Program, all geared toward empowering our Clients to develop maximum independence. These programs make a profoundly positive impact on the lives of our Clients and their families.

Here are just a few of the programs where your donations can make a difference:

The Campbell Vocational Training Center

This on-site program provides services and individualized attention to help our Clients develop fundamental daily living skills through work opportunities.

Supported Employment

Supported Employment is a service that helps individuals with disabilities find and maintain meaningful jobs out in the community.

Multi-Cultural Program

The only one of its kind in California, the Multi-Cultural Program is designed to provide counseling and teaching services to enable the non-English speaking Clients to learn vocational, social and community living skills required for successful participation in their new community and country.

Pastimes Program

The Pastimes Program serves as a transitional program for our senior Clients upon leaving our full day-vocational program. It also serves those who would gain from life-enrichment as well as their families who would benefit from daily part-time respite.

Residential Services Program

The Campbell Center is proud to operate three (3) licensed group homes to provide housing, shelter, and care for Clients while providing valuable training and education in a “family” setting.

Healthy Lifestyle Programs

The Campbell Center provides a wide range of opportunities and programs for Clients promoting exercise and healthy living, including bowling, dances, Special Olympics, among many others.

Aktion Club of Glendale

The Aktion Club of Glendale is a community-service group for adults with disabilities. This program gives Clients the opportunity to develop leadership skills, instill the importance of giving back, integrate into society, and serve as examples of valuable contributors to their community.