Tailored Day (TDS)

A service program providing Associates opportunities unique to their needs. It is a self-directed option where the Associate is responsible for guiding their own customized plan and informing their weekly schedule specific to self-directed goals.

Our Program Objectives:

-Pursuing higher education goals

-Employment readiness skills

-Volunteer opportunities

-Mobility training specific to a participant’s transportation needs and goals

-Financial literacy and independence skills


Vendor Number: HD0361

Subcode: TDS

Our Program Structure:

-Participants in TDS are paired 1:1, with program hours variable depending on supports needed

-Allows for services to be provided remotely either through zoom, or in the client’s home

-May include support/training on-site at TCC, such as in computer and employment skills

-Program will offer full flexibility in the duration and intensity of services

-Participant-driven weekly Person-Centered-Planning meetings

-Participants in the Tailored-Day Services (TDS) option may access BOTH in-person and remote supports based on their plan

How to Join

TCC will consider all individuals referred by the Regional Centers. Families interested in the program are encouraged to contact their Regional Center Service Coordinator to express their interest. Acceptance for program participation will be predicated on an individual’s ability to function effectively within our staffing ratio and benefit from the supports provided. The following is the admission criteria:

-Participants must be at least 18 years of age, up to seniors

-No exclusion is made from program participation on the basis of race, creed, national origin, sex, or sexual orientation.

-Participants who choose in-person services must be able to independently get in and out of a vehicle and be able to walk on their own or with an assistive device. We are not able to accommodate transportation for wheelchair users.

-All interested participants and their families/caregivers must attend an orientation meeting. Those who choose to do so may attend the program for up to 5 days prior to formal admission to determine if our program is a good fit.

-TCC must receive a fully completed referral packet from a potential participant’s Regional Center Service Coordinator.

-The Associate receiving services must have no current involvement with alcohol abuse or illegal substances.

-Seizure disorders must be controlled with medication. The frequency and severity of seizures are considered when reviewing suitability for program services for the person receiving services.

-The Associate receiving services must have the ability to take care of their own personal needs; basic self-care skills are required or have an attendant who will assist with these needs. Participants must be able to independently take any needed medication.

-The Associate receiving services must not be harmful/threat to self or others.

-Must be able to tolerate a group environment with reasonable accommodations.



Wait List/Service Level Policy

If the program is at capacity and does not have enough current staff to accept a new participant, that individual will be added to our wait list. This is necessary to adhere to our 1:2 ratio and keep our supports personalized and effective. Wait list policies are as follows:  

-Participants will be added to the wait list in the order of when TCC receives Referral Packet documents from the their Service Coordinator.

-A wait-listed participant will be admitted once a new direct support staff member is hired, or an existing participant exits from the program.

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