Digital Playbook

See it in Action!

Watch the video to the right for a brief preview of a session in which the Curriculum Facilitator completed Activities in Module 1, covering Privacy & Safety. You’ll see examples of the curriculum, including open-ended questions to encourage discussion, yes or no questions to test understanding, videos of supplemental material, and an activity replay to reinforce the material.

Meeting The Need

People with IDD are using the internet more and more: our survey of our own clients revealed that a majority now use a phone, tablets, or computers and 90% use those devices daily, but less than half say they have been taught the basics of online safety. And as you know, each client’s needs are different. That’s why we developed our Digital Playbook, a three-module comprehensive course teaching 21st-century technology skills to people with IDD. Starting with an assessment to determine the appropriate curriculum, the course is self-paced and flexible to suit the needs and schedule of your client. Sessions can be held in our Glendale offices or remotely, making it a smart and flexible choice for your schedule.


The Curriculum

The three modules each cover five core principles and are all presented by our trained staff who guide participants through various scenarios and interactive games.
  1. Privacy & Safety cover the basics of password protection, what information to share and not share, and how online activity is tracked through the use of cookies.
  2. Communication Skills touch more on ‘netiquette’ issues of who to friend and how to appropriately engage in an online community or group.
  3. Relationship Building is focused a bit more on work-related or professional communications.

screenshot of educational material

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